Banan-Ocado Baby Food

Now that my little guy is able to make the foray into solids, I absolutely love being able to make my own baby food. My dad got me this Cuisinart and it purées Kiran’s fruits and vegetables beautifully. I’ve found that the easiest way to make the most of the (expensive) organic produce is to purée a batch of whatever single or combination foods you are using and then instantly freeze whatever is not being immediately eaten by your tyke in BPA- free ice cube trays. I like these. Then when solidly frozen, simply extract from the trays and store in a freezer bag, allowing you to defrost and serve as needed.

On to the recipe…

1 Ripe Organic Banana

1 Small Ripe Organic Avocado

1/8 ScantCup Water

1serving Pro-Biotics ( I like this brand)

Blend well, adding water to taste. Less for chunkier purée, more for soupy. Immediately freeze whatever is not being eaten; avocado has the unfortunate quality of oxidizing when left in open air for a bit… And serving your baby brown purée is prob not the most appetizing thing for them or you!

But if you raise your nose at the idea at the combination of avocado and the sweet profile of a banana, think again! I had the good fortune of attending a raw food class taught by the fabulous Angelique Miller, head chef at Baagan and author of Raw Shopper. Among the tasty treats showcased that day was a Raw Avocado Chocolate Mousse. You can find a similar recipe here. Anyways, it blew my mind, and quite obviously left an indelible (edible?) impression on me… When researching foods that were acceptable for Kiran to try, I was thrilled to find avocado on the list. This healthy fat is an amazing source of brain food for your baby. And when combined with the banana, it creates a rich, creamy, deliciously sweet delight that babies (at least my baby) love!

So give it a go! If you have any qualms, about the perceived taste or the pea green color, just take a sample lick. I guarantee you’ll probably sneak a few extra spoonfuls just to show the baby that “Mommy eats it too”…! Bon (Petit) Appetite!




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